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BSeS - ISO Practicing Company

Providing innovative
smart software solutions
SINCE 2005

Why BSeS?

Bahrain Smart eSolutions Co. (BSeS) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Bahrain based Information Technology company. Since its inception, BSeS has been designing, developing and implementing business related IT software applications for both large enterprises and government establishments to small and medium businesses. 

Starting from a very humble beginning in May 2005, BSeS has consistently delivered quality software solutions to a wide variety of market segments that cover but is not limited to Governmental Entities, Oil and Gas, Banking, Trading, Real Estate, Construction, Transport and other industries. 

BSeS has designed, developed and implemented 
Web based software applications for different types of businesses 
Simple Responsive Websites, Large Enterprise Business Web portals 
Ecommerce sites with payment gateway integrations 
Complex eGovernance Software Solutions and eServices

Besides the above, BSeS has also taken critical projects that are of technology consultancy in nature. As we move ahead, BSeS adds more and more to its skill set and thereby expanding its capability matrix enabling it to handling large IT projects for e-governance, online businesses, business automation projects, online payment solutions and other plastic card transaction businesses.

Areas of Expertise
  • Government datacenter deployed eGovernance Services Applications, integrated with downstream applications thru Government Data Network
  • Banking and Financial IT Systems
  • Online Shopping Solutions
  • Scoping, Designing, Developing and implementing technology that will meet business needs of customers
  • Large to Medium Software Consultancy
  • Defining, detailing and implementing business processes, re-engineering existing processes to improve work efficiency which in turn leads to improved bottom line
  • Business Process Consultation – (Researching, finding new solutions / products / services and then finding the right market for it)

Advantage BSeS

Bahrain is a tiny island cluster kingdom, with friendly people all around. Eveyone knows almost all in their respective field of operation - be it as a prospect or competitor. Doing business in such a connected socio micro market is different, where one cannot apply global principles and standards, as it is. "Word of mouth" matters a lot in long run.

BSeS do business and engage with our stakeholders, keeping this unique constraint in mind. We are fortunate and glad that the success of our innovative approach ensures repeated business from same customers.

Advantage BSeS

Flexibility in Engagement
Technically Qualified Resources
Adaptation to New Environment
Zero Compromise on Quality
Made in Bahrain
Highly Cost Effective