BSeS pioneered itself in developing custom software
mainly for Small & Medium Enterprises
in Bahrain and other GCC countries

BSeS - ISO Practicing Company

Providing innovative
smart software solutions
SINCE 2005

Custom Software Development

It is an accepted fact that business metrics such as company knowledge base, employee productivity, operating profits, project execution models and customer loyalty are often directly influenced by the quality of the business software deployed by the organization. It is also understood that software packages do not always provide the specific features required to meet the unique objectives of the organization and that, in some cases, custom software is the best solution.

Are you looking for professional application software development? Does your company need custom business software enhancements or custom software integration to make your existing systems work better?

BSeS is dedicated in refining themselves in their capability to deliver high quality, precise custom developed software applications and solutions matching to specific needs of the customer. Their well proven project execution models, be it fully on-site, fully off-shore or the hybrid onsite-offshore models reduces project overheads making our solution cost effective. This cost advantage clubbed with quality output helps BSeS generate repeated business form existing customers as well as attract new customers. Over these years, BSeS had developed a huge knowledge database, code repository and off-the-shelf components, which helps them to develop custom software with limited and challenging time frame.

Web Application Development

We provide intuitive, interactive, user friendly, bi-lingual (Supporing both English & Arabic languages) custom developed Web Applications and Enterprise Web Portals with the power of both executing business and marketing. Our portal service caters to enterprise of different sizes and helps them in defining an underlying infrastructure that will make their customer interactions more effective and, in turn, increase business through secured e-commerce and e-business.

The portals we developed for our clients help them in establishing a well structured, seamless integration connecting several internal departments for their business processes and even interacting with their customers across the operational chain. Our expertise in providing secured integration between the Web Portal and other downstream applications of vivid technologies helps large corporate use the portal as a single point work place for real-time information gathering and exchange.

When a ready-to-use software business application product is not suitable to meet the demands of your enterprise, or it requires much costly customization by the vendor, or its lack of Arabic language support, BSeS's custom web application development service is of much helpful and cost effective. Our cross platform architecture and re-usability components will reduce development cycle, time, cost and help you achieve business goals effectively.

Our flexible business models in development service for custom web applications help clients address the evolving business and technology challenges effectively. Our tailored web applications are renowned for its dynamic characteristics providing end-less further customization by non technical staff to meet specific business requirements. We deliver high quality, scalable applications that are easy to maintain, are reliable, secure and easy to deploy and manage.

We leverage industry best practices and frames works and utilize rigorous methodologies to mitigate risk and deliver tangible business benefits such as faster time to market and cost savings.