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eGovernment Solutions

BSeS is emerging as one of the leading local runners, contributing toward the eGovernment initiatives of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Technical solutions and applications designed, developed and implemented by our technical staff are now getting introduced in various ministries, government organizations and diplomatic institutions in Bahrain. 

Our strategic absorption of highly qualified resources with proven track record in implementing many number of eGovernment solutions and eServices enabled BSeS to join this elite club and prove themselves in no time. The intangible expertise these staffs had gained in building government solutions is now transformed into a well structured rich repository of knowledge base and constantly shared among new generation employees. This added advantage of BSeS expertise is effectively utilized in building unique enterprise level governance applications deployed over multiple interconnected network zones, which communicates with each other seamlessly. 

Integration between multiple ministries is the corner stone for e-Government solution. Success in meeting all the requirements and providing different approaches for such requirements were one of the main concerns and challenges that BSeS faced. 

BSeS now has solid, hands on experience in providing the following features within the e – Government solution.
  1. Automate the required approval process between different ministries and internally.
  2. Identify & Automate exchange information between different ministries.
  3. Identify & Automate manipulation data between different ministries and internally.
  4. Provide different integration mechanism such as real-time integration, batch integration, on trigger integration, push and pull integration etc.
  5. Provide single point of collection for such integration requirements based on mutual agreements between different ministries.
  6. Provide an open architecture solution for such integration requirements regardless of the backend database engine of each ministry.
  7. If you have a requirement or if you want to clarify something or perhaps you just have a comment, feel free to write to us. We promise to respond back to you at the earliest.